Since this is the whatever iteration of my blog, I have questioned why so many hiccups?

The biggest thing I keep struggling with is my voice. Yes, it’s difficult to hear me through these words. They are words. Auto-playing me doing a voice over would be annoying, I know. What I mean is my voice is the way my writing expresses who I am. I think I try too hard being a writer. I am not. I can write, but I don’t want to focus on being great. Every version of my blog  started with an idea I had that I can write a certain way or create content that modeled some crazy ideal. It never worked. I can’t write consistently any particular way! With this crazy idea that I’m a very thought-provoking blogger, my voice gets lost or ignored. At least that is what I believe now.

Secondly, I either put way too much focus on one subject or style or focused on too many things at once. I wanted a blog, a business page, galleries, business posts, and artsy posts all in one place, but with their own distinctive page and archive. How could I think that would work? It was too overwhelming!

Now I’m asking myself what I should write about. What do I want to share? Everything, I think. Simply, my life is my direction. I just need a blank canvas. Not a color by numbers blog or a neatly organized and color coordinated bookshelf of my life. A place is all I need. This is it.


Featured Image: Somewhere in the Gulf of Mexico on my honeymoon cruise October 2012