If you didn’t know, my wife and I have moved to Utah. This has been in the works for a few months, and finally it is here. Today is probably the first day of some type of normalcy. Well, enough for me to get away and write this post.

The last three weeks before our move were crazy, to say the least. I just started my last semester of college and we started packing, selling, and giving away our stuff. I was working my last days of work, and we were squeezing out every minute to spend with our friends and family. Somehow, we finished everything we needed to do. We planned to sell our furniture to make the trip up easier and cheaper. Check. A couple of weeks before, we shipped about half our packed boxes up along with a carry-on flight for our kitties. The last things we had were packing up and prepping for the road trip.

The plan was to have the in-laws come down and help us drive. We would leave early Thursday to El Paso and stay the night at my grandma’s. They would meet us Friday in New Mexico and we would post up for the night in Tucson. Saturday was a quick stop in Phoenix for lunch with Andrea’s grandparents, and then we were off to Vegas for the night. We spent the last leg of the journey  Sunday driving up through southern Utah straight into Salt Lake City, our new home.

I’ll post the details in a future post, but we are here and adjusting very well. I knew San Antonio in and out, so this will be an interesting challenge as I get to know this city. Luckily, I married a native, so I have that. This new chapter has us both very excited. We won’t forget the life we left, and truly miss you all!

Featured photo: Welcome to Utah. Captured by my awesome co-captain and wife, Andrea. Utah/Arizona border on I-15.